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We predominantly rescue cats from north London, but occasionally bring cats from further afield, and even from abroad, to save them from terrible situations. Sophie, from Romania, is one such cat. She lost a paw which left her disabled and in agony, and, unneutered, had litter after litter of kittens, as she fought to survive in an abandoned house. This lucky little girl was rescued by a vet who treated her injuries and spayed her and showered her with love and care. Sadly, her leg was so badly damaged due to the injuries and repeated infections that she had to have it amputated. She came to us and we found her the perfect forever home that she so deserved.

Abandoned, abused, unloved, frightened, pregnant - all feline lives matter. Healthy, or sick, and no matter where they are from and no matter how short their remaining life may be, all cats deserve to be loved and nurtured and as such, we strive to find the very best homes for each of our rescues and love regular updates from you, their new families. If you can offer a home to any cat – young, healthy, elderly, sick or disabled, the love and rewards are immeasurable.