Indoor Cats London

Other Information

Other Rescues

We are happy to work with other rescues in a bid to rehome as many indoor cats as possible. All cats, wherever they come from, are posted on our main page in a bid to garner the highest foot fall to rehome as many cats as possible to the wonderful abode they rightfully deserve. We do not take responsibility for the rescue back up of those cats but will help with home checking if needed.

Fosterers and Home Checking

We are always looking for others to join our gang of cat lovers, so if you feel you could offer a foster home to bring around a shy or nervous cat, or do a thorough home check to ensure the perfect ever home for our rescues, please let us know!

Lost Cats

Losing a cat is absolutely awful but there are many things you can do to expedite potentially finding them. Leaflet every house/flat within a six street radius, offering a generous reward for information leading to the finding your cat. Ask that every garage, shed and outbuilding is checked. Do not put your address, just a mobile phone number. Always use colour photographs and lay the leaflet on the door mat. If it is folded, people rarely pay much attention but if it is flat on the ground, people look down and see more. Put laminated posters on both of every tree, post box etc and ask local shops to display a picture. Contact every vet in your area. Contact refuse collection—unpleasant but essential. Put out a used litter trayand even their favourite blanket or items of your clothing. Cats have a remarkable sense of smell. Put out smelly food, such as pilchards, or favourite food. Go out after dark, when it is quieter and call, rattle biscuits etc. Take a carrier with you. Cats will hide away until things are quieter, sometimes for many days, so be patient and don’t give up.