Indoor Cats London

About Us

Indoor Cats, London, is a not-for-profit group of like-minded cat lovers who rescue, heal, socialise, nurture and rehome felines in need. Whether they are no longer wanted, the owner is sick, the poor cat is a stray, abandoned or abused, we help them all. We have a no-kill policy for our rescues. 

Our love of cats has, with many years of rescuing individually, culminated with us coming to the conclusion that we work better together for the benefit of cats, both individually and in colonies. We occasionally bring cats from abroad, who are in dire conditions and in need of a loving home, and our recent cats have come from as far afield as Egypt, Romania and Cyprus as well as from two colonies of semi-ferals in north London and abandoned cats from South Eash London. 

It is irrelevant to us where they come from. 

A cat in need is important regardless of their location. Likewise, we have rehomed cats with kidney issues and physical impairments such as missing limbs or eyes to wonderful forever homes with the most remarkable people who adore their new cat.

Very few rescues offer exclusively indoor homes in London and that’s where we step in. To deprive a cat in need of a home purely because wonderful potential cat-parents don’t have an outdoor space is not something that we think is right. When you have picked the lifeless body of a beautiful cat from the road, or, as was the case for one of our rescuers, find the mutilated body of a victim of the M25 cat killer, the idea of indoor only homes crystalises quite quickly. As long as there is space, love and plenty of toys, cats adapt. Thousands of cats in need, and families who can offer the very best of homes are being excluded because they live in, many instances, spacious apartments that simply don’t have outdoor space and we feel that we are the right people to match make. We find the very best human and kitty and put them together.

We match the human to the cat, and not the other way around. We pride ourselves in having the knack of finding the perfect human for their feline soul-mate! We conduct a thorough home check to assess your suitability, followed up by another check to ensure all security changes have been carried out before we allow a cat to be adopted or fostered. We then conduct a follow up home check to ensure that everything is working out well.

No cat is homed to a domain where there are children under the age of twelve or to a house of multi-occupancy.

Please register your cat to a reputable chip company once you have adopted them and ensure that you keep our mobile phone number on the chip as well as yours. This acts as rescue back up and we ask that you send us regular updates and photos as, once you have rescued a cat, you become very vested in their new, wonderful lives. If for any reason you cannot keep your new feline ward, they must be returned to us.

Please remember, we only rehome cats to indoor spaces and if there is access to a balcony, this must be securely cat-proofed along with all windows.